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Beautiful websites and internet marketing that boost your business

More and more smartphones, tablets, sale ed and other mobile devices are being used to surf the Net. It’s likely that in a few short years, most web-surfing will be performed with these devices instead of regular computers. That means it’s necessary for your website to accommodate mobile viewers; when they stop by on their smartphone, they should find the place easy to navigate. You can do this by creating a separate standalone mobile website that all smartphone viewers would be directed to or you can instead incorporate a responsive design into your website.

A responsive design means that your site will adapt to whatever device is currently viewing it; whether PC, laptop, or smartphone, the images and information will automatically reorganize to best accommodate that particular medium. This provides all the benefits of a separate website for mobile viewers without the bother of managing that additional site. Having two different sites can often double your work since it requires you to update them both whenever you have something new. Keeping everything on a single site means much less hassle while having a place easy for your visitors to navigate no matter what hardware they’re using.

So make sure your site has a responsive design. If you’re not able to do it yourself, then get someone who can. It’s a decision you won’t regret.