Hosting Wizard

Welcome to the Hosting Wizard! Answer these simple questions in order to determine the best hosting plan to suit your needs.

How many pages would you like to have on your web site? 1 2-4 4-10 more than 10
How often are you planning to update your web site? 10 times a year or less more than 10 times a year
Will you be selling products or services directly on your web site? Yes No
If yes, how many? less than 10 10-40 more than 40
Do you need a database integrated in your site? Yes No
How many email accounts do you need? less than 5 5-10 more than 10
How are you planning to design your site?  
I want my website to be designed by professionals I already have a website I will design the website myself
Would you like to have secure information on your site available only to you? Yes No
Will you host more than 1 website? Yes No


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