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New Brunswick $3,000 DIGITAL


For a Free Consultation on $3,000 NB Business Grant Call Now 866-609-3248 (Toll-Free)

$3000 Grant is available for Business in New Brunswick for web design and digital marketing. The grant provides Digital Roadmap and get your business boost in the online world, online marketing training, and up to $3000 to use towards website design/redesign, and online marketing.

Program Eligibility

Must be a main street business that:

  • Employs 1-25 employees;
  • Is a registered business in New Brunswick and/or is incorporated;
  • Is open for business/operating at the time of application (not a Startup);
  • Is NOT a business supplying digital services to other businesses (e.g., website design/development, SEO, programming);
  • Is NOT a franchise, including those individually owned and operated;
  • Is NOT a not-for-profit/charitable organization;
  • Is NOT a purely online business.

In addition, the business must be owned by:

  • A New Brunswick resident operating a business in New Brunswick
  • An individual of 18 years of age or older at the time of application;
  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

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