PPC Account Review

PPC Account Review

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Internet-Exposure Makes it easy to:

  • Manage your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  • Review Bids
  • Find Negative Keywords
  • Lower Cost Per Click
  • Increase number of conversions and lower the cost per conversion
  • Report on Campaigns
  • Improve your ads
  • Get the most out of your Pay Per Click account

Case Studies

Injury lawyer:

An Injury lawyer has been working for a number of years with another online marketing company that was running AdWords Pay Per Click campaign for him, and while it produced some results for him, He knew it can work a lot better.

We’ve looked over his campaign, and made some suggestions. He liked what we’ve suggested, and hired us to run his account.

We’ve had a lot of experience working with injury lawyers, and knew how to make the most of their pay per click campaigns, despite high cost per click charges. We’ve completely restructured his account with separate campaigns for each location they were targeting, each with appropriate keywords.

Our Objective was:

  • Increase the number of inquiries the client gets through his website.
  • Lower Cost Per Conversion
  • Lower Cost Per Click
  • Within a month of us taking over, the cost per click decreased by more then 20%. The cost per conversion decreased by nearly 7 times of the previous value. In addition to receiving email form submissions, the client also started to get more then 60 phone calls in a month. The budget remained virtually the same, giving the client a much higher return on investment then before.

Online Shoe Store:

  • An online shoe store ran their own campaign that delivered them clicks, but very few sales.
  • When we’ve started working with them, we’ve quickly identified that the geo targeting was not setup properly.
  • They had a lot of very broad keywords that were using most of their budget, without letting more specific keywords get clicks.
  • They had very few ads in their campaign, and they did not do A/B testing with these ads.
  • The campaign was wasting most of the budget on display ads, that never generated any sales
  • There were no ad extensions.
  • Once we restructured their campaign, it went from making few sales a month to few sales a day, while their spending remained the same.


  • We had tremendous improvement with the Pay Per Click Campaign Management provided by Internet-Exposure. Our traffic has seen a big increase and the business has really grown since the changes were implemented! Thank you for all of your hard work.
    Amanda M.

  • The new campaign is working very well. We’ve been getting a lot more calls lately then the same time last year. Let’s increase the target area, and the budget, as we’ve discussed earlier.

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