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When you search for something on the Internet, do you “yahoo” it or “google” it? Google has become such a prominent search engine that its name is the word we use for webs searching. It’s gotten so prominent that many companies ask themselves: is optimizing a website for any other search engine worth the bother?

Though around 67% of all Internet searches in 2013 were done through Google, 29% of Internet searches where done through Bing (which also powers Yahoo). 29% isn’t a small number – to look at it another way, around 3.5 million people who search on Bing don’t ever use Google. That’s 3.5 million people you can’t reach unless you get Bing’s attention.

But won’t optimizing for Bing require a lot of website retooling? Relax. Bing’s algorithm is similar to Google’s, valuing such common elements as keywords and backlinks. Only a few things need to be added to make your site appealing to Bing, such as making good use of flash media and social media. Bing likes social media; if one of your Facebook or Twitter friends recommends your company when web searching, Bing can let you know quickly. A very useful piece of data when you’re tracking who are visiting your site.

The fact that Bing is a little less prominent than Google actually gives you a few advantages. Because there are less companies competing for space, the cost per click of Bing Ads is much lower than AdWords. Furthermore, because fewer companies are competing, it’s easier to put your company higher on the search engines. This means you become much more prominent for the people who are searching.

Though Google is certainly the most prominent search engine, it’s important not to ignore the others. If you get the attention of people on Bing as well, you’re getting far more people than you would just with Google.


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