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We’ve mentioned video a few times on this blog before and it’s no secret why. Video is exciting, fun, and eye-catching, so it gets people to spend a longer time on your site. And search engines love it too – better video means a higher ranking on Google, Bing, and all the rest. However, enhancing your SEO with video isn’t simply just slapping any old video on your site and calling it a day. To use your videos in the right way, check the following tips:

Provide New Info. The most important tip for a video, just like for a website, is “make it interesting.” Good content is always the thing to give you good SEO. Have your video solve a problem, provide some interesting facts, reveal the fun side of your company. If you’re interesting, more people will stop by, and your search engine status will go up.

Have a Compelling Title. Give your video a title that intrigues potential viewers, makes them want to watch. It should also be a title that makes good use of the right keywords.

Use Keywords & Tags. Like with webpages, videos often have a section for you to stick keywords and tags. This section isn’t usually visible to viewers, but it certainly is to the search engines! Work with your Internet marketer to make certain you’ve included the best keywords to get your video the attention it needs.

Give a Description. Search engine spiders aren’t able to watch your video, so generally you provide them with a short paragraph providing all the important details. This is another great place to include your keywords.

Allow Others to Embed Your Videos. If people like something, they like to tell their friends about it, and this is especially true on the Internet. Make sure your video has the option for other people to embed it on their own blogs and websites. That’s something search engines notice and it’s a great way to spread your vision to a much wider audience.

If you follow these tips, and maybe bring in an Internet specialist to make certain all parts are taken care of, you can rest easy knowing your video is doing its work for you.


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