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One of the best ways to bring people to your website is through pay-per-click ads (PPC), like those that pop up at the top search engines. You can get PPCs for many platforms, though the two most prominent are Google and the Yahoo! Bing Network. Which is better?

Google AdWords Benefits

More Popular. Because of the popularity of the Google search engine, ads on Google get a lot of attention.

Higher Ad Clickthrough Rate. Studies have shown that Google ads generally have a higher clickthrough rate (CTR), which means people are more likely to click on them and travel to your website.

Yahoo! Bing Benefits

Less Competition. You’re not competing with as many advertisers. According to AdGooroo, it’s 25,056 paid advertisers on Yahoo! Bing versus 39,006 advertisers on Google Adwords, a 50% increase! Less competition means people have a great chance of choosing your ad on Yahoo! Bing instead of someone else’s.

Costs Less. The lack of competition means adword bidding is cheaper, so you pay less per click to advertise on Yahoo! Bing, often 37%-77% cheaper.

Can Target Age and Gender. You can direct your ads on particular ages and genders, allowing you to focus more on your target market.

More Sponsored Ads on Search Results. Often at least one more sponsored ad will appear at the top of Yahoo! Bing search results than of Google’s. This means there’s a greater chance that your ad will be displayed.
As you can see, both Google and Yahoo! have benefits. If you have the budget, it can be good to put ads in both places and if you don’t, carefully consider both sides to decide which one is right for you.


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