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One of the best ways to draw people to your website is through pay-per-click, those ads that appear on the top or to the side of the page when you hunt using search engines. Google is by far the most prominent search engine so it’s the one most people first think of for branding themselves. However, it’s not the only game in town. The number two search engine is Bing. How does it compare?

Around one third of all searches are done on either Bing or Yahoo! Since these two companies have recently formed a partnership, any pay-per-click ads on Bing will now appear on Yahoo! and vice versa . This means you get two search engines for the price of one that together will net your ad a large amount of attention.

The fact that Bing is not as prominent as Google actually gives it one advantage: less competition. Since there are much less people putting their ads up on Bing, buying adwords there is often less expensive. It also means your particular ads are going to stand-out more there. As a result, Bing can actually a better value than Google for small businesses . Though you’re not noticed by quite as many people, it’s less expensive and easier to get their attention.

Though Google is the more well known of the two, one most never underestimate Bing. Ultimately, posting ads on both search engines is going to get you the most attention. However, if you only have the budget for one, Bing is certainly worth considering.