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Of course search engine optimization is pivotal for your website. If your name doesn’t come up on a web search, generic how will a person ever find your site? By far the most popular search engine is Google; some stats say 65% of all online searches are done through it! Thus, you may be asking yourself if there’s any point optimizing for any other engines. If Google is so awesome, do the other engines even matter?

Well, here are a few things to consider:

– Though the majority of searches are done through Google, there are still a chunk done through search engines such as Bing and Yahoo; that’s still a sizeable market for your products and services. Furthermore, because these search engines aren’t used as extensively as Google is, there aren’t as many companies competing to be the highest on search results.

– Many factors (such as number of unique hits) are used by numerous search engines to determine a site’s ranking, while just a few are favoured by one engine or another (such as Bing favouring effective keywords within your title tags). Thus, most of your SEO would be appropriate to any search engine; frequently only a couple of slight additions are required to make your site especially appealing to a particular engine. A slight amount of tinkering that can open up great possibilities.

– Certain search engines attract different kinds of people, which can allow you to engage particular markets. For example, Bing interacts a lot with social media, and so can appeal to potential clients who spend a lot of time in that pursuit.

It’s surprisingly simple to widen your net a little to attract the attention of other viable search engines. You’ll be surprised at the results. Contact Internet Marketing or some other Internet marketer today to see how your site can reach a wider audience.


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