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Beautiful websites and internet marketing that boost your business

So you’ve got a great product or service and you feel everyone should know. Everyone who has already tried it out thinks it’s great but you want to expand your client base. Of course, the Internet is the best way to connect to a lot of people but there are so many different Internet techniques for making a great connection. For example, 40mg search engine optimization (SEO) places keywords into your website that attracts search engines while pay-per-click ads (PPC) produce targeted ads that show-up at the top of the search engines. In a perfect world, you would be using both of them to promote your business but if you lack the time or resources for that, then you’ll have to choose one. Which should you take?

If you have a chunk of free time but not too much money, then SEO is probably a better bet as it’s something that you can do yourself, though an Internet marketer will do it more efficiently. However, if you do have the resources, then PPC can be much more effective for a few reasons:

Fast Conversion. SEO takes time to pay off, as it requires your website to be located and prioritized by the search engines. Because you’re contacting the engines more directly with PPC, paying them to put your add there, they will place you on top of the page much more quickly.

Effective Testing. How do you know your website is effective? When it is convincing people to do something you want them to do, whether buying your product, signing-up to your newsletter, or visiting your office. This is tested through traffic to your site and PPC advertising can be a great way to get that traffic.

Protection from SEO algorithm changes. Search engines are constantly changing the algorithms for helping people find the best website when searching and these changes can drastically affect any SEO optimization you generated. But since PPC is paying directly for traffic, algorithm changes don’t affect it, which helps maintain a steady stream of visitors.

Though PPC may result in more initial expenditure than SEO, it has a lot of benefits. In the end it would be most effective to have both, but if you have to choose one, PPC is certainly worth a look.