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Beautiful websites and internet marketing that boost your business

There are a lot of tactics for getting high rankings on search engines, such as relevant keywords, optimized formats, numerous links, and many more. Some people will even employ “black hat” techniques, exploiting loopholes to trick the engines into placing their website higher than it deserves to be. However, any attempt to cheat the system is going to eventually fail because those people are forgetting the most important tactic for getting search engines to value your site: provide great content.

The whole point of search engines is to help people find the websites that best match what they’re looking for – websites with effective information presented in a clear and engaging manner. A search engine’s algorithm exists to try and locate the best of these sites. It relies on numerous techniques to do so, such as finding how many times a website used important key words, what videos the site uses, how many times other websites refer to it…. These can all help point the search engine in the right direction, but in the end, what really matters for the site is content. The content that people are using the search engine to find.

It’s good content which makes people stick around your website. Sure you can sometimes use a little computer sleight-of-hand to trick them into visiting your website, but if there’s nothing there to interest them, they’re not going to stay – and search engines notice how long a person stays on a site. If there’s nothing there to interest the visitors, they’re certainly not going to link to your page – and search engines notice how much a site is getting linked to. If you’ve thrust a lot of keywords into your site’s back door but don’t really discuss them on your site – well, search engines notice that too. If visitors aren’t interested in your site, search engines aren’t going to tell any more people about it.

Yes, it’s good to employ all sorts of SEO and PPC tactics to get people’s attention. It’s great to work with an online marketing company such as Internet Exposure to make certain that search engines are noticing what you’re doing and bringing people to you. But in the end, what all these techniques are is promises – promises made to search engines and potential visitors that you can provide them with the information they want. Those promises need results to back them up; they need the right content. If they don’t have it, you will lose the attention of people and of search engines.


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