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It’s important to have a bug-free site if you want to go up in the Google rankings. The occurrence of 404 Error Pages on your website is a sad but inevitable consequence of human error. Websites with numerous errors may be penalised by Google, therefore it’s in your best interest to eliminate as many as possible.

SEO for 404 Not Found Pages

The primary benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) for 400 error pages are increased site visibility and a decrease in the percentage of visitors sent there.

To improve your 400 error page’s search engine optimization (SEO), you should:

1) The server is live and set correctly for your page;

2) The page’s title and meta description are descriptive and relevant to the content;

3) Every one of the page’s external links should lead directly to useful information on your own site.

4) Set up Google Analytics to monitor who is visiting your 400 error pages and how many of them they really end up visiting.

In the grand scheme of things, having well-optimized 400 error pages will increase your site’s exposure and decrease the number of users that accidentally click on a 404 error.

How to Fix 404 Error Pages

Users can’t read your material if your website is suffering difficulties, therefore you must take action to resolve them. Outdated or improper web server configuration is a leading cause of 404 error pages. The following should be checked to resolve these problems:

1) As a first step, update the web server.
2)  make sure the web server is set up correctly.
3) Repair any damaged references
4) Look for damaged or missing files
5) Revise and refresh the site’s material If troubleshooting your site on your own fails, you may want to look into getting professional assistance.

List of the Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 404 Error Pages

You may improve the visibility of your 404 (error) pages in search engine results by implementing a few simple changes to your website.

Titles and meta-descriptions that don’t contain relevant keywords will not attract readers
This will not only increase traffic to your 404 page but will also appeal to those who are specifically seeking out that kind of information.

Enhance your pictures, number two.
See to it that the pictures you upload are of great quality and contain relevant tags that correspond to the ones you used in the title and description.

Incorporate Meta Tags
Include any relevant metadata (tags) on 404 pages as well. Their exposure and clickthrough rate will improve as a result of this (click-through rate).

The Fourth: Use Disguise
Some webmasters employ cloaking to keep their sites out of the indexes of search engines. This will boost their 404 pages’ search engine rankings without requiring them to change any of their other content or websites.

Five, make use of redirected links
If users are sent away from a 404 page, it will increase search engine rankings. This is so because Google will give the page more weight when users search for information related to the issue.


If you run a business online, getting your website optimized for search engines is essential. One of the most effective ways to boost your website’s position is through strong SEO strategies. However, if your website has a number of 400 error pages, this might significantly influence its ranking and visibility on Google and other search engines. Make sure you’re adhering to some fundamental SEO standards when making and updating the content on your website to avoid this difficulty.